Museu do Amanhã launches a cycle of free music, art and technology training

HI Future Museum And Ling Institute end launch The Art of Tomorrow training project is free, focuses on music, art, and technology. The realization is Laboratory of Tomorrow’s Activities (LAA)The learning cycle will consist of online stage and face-to-face stage. To register, access here.

The first consists of a Investigation Meeting Cyclewhich will feature six thematic modules, bringing together 20 relevant creative professionals in various fields of art, incl April 10 and May 18. In addition, there will be an opening meeting given by the project curator, a visual artist Batman Zavarezem April 5th.

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Among the subjects included in this program are Music and Sound Narration, Performing Arts, Audiovisual, Plastic Arts, Design e New medium.

“Arte do Amanhã is a theoretical and practical dive that aims to stimulate ludic creation between the artist and the participant. We will present a diverse team of provocateurs who are willing to listen and share their experiences and contributions to the meeting cycle. Together they will be able to think and create art and technology today and in the future. More than results, our focus is on the process, on the path of shared discovery along this journey”, said Bruna Baffa, Director General of the Museum of the Future.

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Bruna Baffa, Director General of the Museum of the Future. Photo: Disclosure

“We understand that the intersection between art and technology will be like a bridge with a new generation of audiences and with the subjectivity of the future. If we think that in all areas of our daily life, technology has come in many layers, why not, for example, bring artificial intelligence tools closer to artistic thought and action? We want participants to leave with a lot of doubts and insight on how to build a path to the Art of Tomorrow”, muses Carolina Rosado dos Santos, manager of the Instituto Ling Cultural Center.

Carolina Rosado dos Santos, manager of the Instituto Ling Cultural Center. Photo: Playback/LinkedIn

Among the provocateurs who will guide Investigation Meeting Cycle is a visual artist Fernando Velasquez e Daiara Tukanofilm director and screenwriter Sabrina Fidalgoactress and writer Bianca Ramonedasongwriter and singer Saskiaperformance artist Vitória Jovem Xtravaganza e Viní Ventania Xtravaganza (Brazil Sisters)creative director and screenwriter Andrei Hermuche and visual artists Rafa Dinin.

At the end of the online stage, participants who have completed at least two modules Investigation Meeting Cycle will be able to register in the in-person residence selection process which will be conducted in Lab Activities Tomorrowin Rio de Janeiro, between July 17 and 30.

The goal of the residency is to provide practical experience of creation in the encounter between art and technology, in addition to providing more tools and stimuli for the production of experiences, activities or prototypes that put into practice what is seen during the training.

HI Lab Activities Tomorrow And Ling Institute will form a committee that will select four projects to participate in Residence.



05/04 >> Batman Zavareze

Module 1: Plastic arts

10/04 >> Daiara Tukano

04/11 >> Fernando Velazquez

04/12 >> Pamela Cezário

Module 2: Performing Arts

17/04 >> Felipe Assis and Rita Aquino

04/18 >> Bianca Ramoneda

04/19 >> Sisters Brazil (Vitória Jovem Xtravaganza + Viní Ventania Xtravaganza)

Module 3: Music and voice narration

24/04 >> Matheus Leston

25/04 >> Nico Espinoza

26/04 >> Saskia

Module 4: Audiovisual

05/02 >> Sabrina Fidalgo

03/05 >> Bebeto Abrantes

04/05 >> Dani Dacorso

Module 5: Design

08/05 >> Andrey Hermuche

09/05 >> Gabriela Castro

10/05 >> Maribe

Module 6: New Media

15/05 >> Rafa Diniz

16/05 >> Caio Fazolin

05/18 >> Zaika dos Santos


The meeting will be conducted online, via the Zoom platform. There will be 3 weekly meetings per module, from 7pm to 10pm. Free registration by Sympla, access here.

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