BBB23: The web reacts after Fred Nicácio’s rage about racism

This Wednesday (22), Fred Nicacio on the phone Alves lock, Gustav e Christian for a very serious conversation onreunion house” Do BBB23. Severely shaken to life by some of the former participants, the doctor decides to vent about it religious racism what the three of them did during their confinement in reality. And netizens immediately echoed the episode on social networks.

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Key Alves has denied Fred Nicácio’s allegations. (Photo: Globe)


During the discussion, the volleyball player considered religious intolerance, but assured that he has not been a racist since then “has black blood” for having black people in your family.

moreover, Paula cried while talking about the perceptions of racism he had on and off the program. Tina he also gave his testimony of some of the prejudiced expressions he heard and read after they were purged.

It didn’t take long for the public to manifest itself on the internet. Report from Fred and dash sisters is cause for celebration for the importance it says, even more so on a platform with such impact reality show.

“Dr. Fred Nicácio and Paula are so NEEDED about the structural and explicit racism that is happening at the BBB. Thank you, you don’t know the importance and magnitude of this!”said a profile on Twitter.


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BBB23 no POPline

HI BBB23 premiered with lots of news! Thaddeus Schmidt continue as host dani calabresa stay on “CAT BBB” — too Paul Vieira in “The Big Therapy” – and a new painting with illustrator Rafaella Tuma enough to finish. Through pictures, he will show in a humorous way everything that is high in the routine of the participants.

In addition, the most watched house in Brazil has undergone a makeover! Confinement aesthetics promise travel-focused décorwith bright colors and objects that refer to places in the world.

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