DJ Gabriel do Borel saw the potential for a hit in a feat with Ludmilla’s presence on the album “Vilã”

It wasn’t long before we found out the new pop album by Ludmilla, “Criminal”! After three years of focusing on “Numanika”, her successful pagoda project, the singer returned to pop in a project full of participation. One of them is next door DJ Gabriel performs Borelwithin reach “Single Shakes”defined by him as a a mix of funk and trap. He who had high expectations for the performance of the song revealed that he was involved in a another big project next to the stars…

Photo: Gabriela Schmidt


“Ludmilla invited me to participate in the studio and I immediately accepted. I am very happy and excited! We did a song that turned out to be very good, but it will be used in a big project later and I can’t say much about it right now. After that, a new invitation appeared, which I immediately accepted, to be able to collaborate on one of the songs on the album ‘Vilã’. It’s all very fast and the results are amazing. I had access to the lyrics and made a few changes to bring in a trace of funk, mixed a bit with trap, which is what he wanted”, shared Gabrielone of those responsible for the hit “sentaDONA”.

“Criminal”first pop album by Ludmilla since “Hello World” (2019) will also bring a partnership with Ariel Donato, Vulgo FK, Delacruz, Gaab, Floor 21, Top of the Mask and Tropkillaz. “Socadona”, “Sou Má” and “Nasci Pra Vencer” are songs that are present in the project that are well known to the public.


DJs who have collaborated with Rosalia on the track “LA KILIÉ” last year, revealed that he saw hit potential in “Shake Singles”.

“This song has a really strong point for the choreography and I want to see everyone do it! Lud’s pen on the song is amazing and it’s a really catchy song that many DJs all over Brazil will definitely be setting”, said the DJ.

“The expectations are high. Ludmilla is an amazing artist, who I really admire, and to be on this album of her career is an honor! The vibe that the song conveys is amazing! I think many will like it”he added.

Look song list of the album, will be released this Friday (24):

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