Paramount hired a “Smile” director and hinted at a follow-up

horror movies “He used to smile” (2022) will get a sequel? Everything leads to believing so. After box office success in theaters, Paramount Pictures hired a director for the feature film Parker Finn for more horror projects. This information is from The Hollywood Reporter’s website.

“The incredible success of ‘Smile’ is a testament to Parker’s unique and innovative production. And we’re thrilled he’s coming to Paramount.” comment Brian RobbinsCEO of da Paramount. “He used to smile” made $217 million at the box office.

Horror movies "He used to smile" was able to win a sequel because of the huge box office
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Contract details are unknown, but the partnership has fueled speculation about its continuation “He used to smile”. It should be noted that the director himself spoke about a possible sequel back in November last year. “I think there are elements in the first film that have been deliberately left unexplored, and it would be great to have the opportunity to learn about them.”said then.

According to previous news, “He used to smile” cost Paramount Pictures $17 million. This is a small amount by Hollywood standards. Your income is 12 times your budget. The latter’s box office surpassed other horror films with more publicity, such as “Scream” and “The Black Telephone”, which grossed US$140 million and US$159.5 million, respectively.

Horror “Sorria” comes to digital platforms with additional content

Film “He used to smile”, which hit theaters in 2022, has been on digital platforms since November. Launch – for buy and rent – Features an additional hour of content including deleted scenes, director commentary Parker Finn and the short film “Lausa Hasn’t Slept”, which inspired the feature.

This film is available to buy and rent on Apple TV, Google Play, and Microsoft Store, and only to rent on Claro TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Sky, Vivo Play, and Oi platforms. Plus, it’s available to stream on Paramount+.

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