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HI #POPlineBizTrendsexclusive framework of POPline.Biz is Music World, brings you the hottest trends every week Rolls. Content, created in partnership with Instagramaims to keep readers aware of new and viral things on this platform.

In addition to listing challenges and explaining them, readers have access to a exclusive Instagram tips to keep up with current trendsKnow the ranking of the most used songs in Reel, filters, creators and featured artists.

This week’s most popular songs

Featured filters ✨

What country is this?

Guess the country flag and show how good you are at geography!

Find trending challenges on Instagram:

Gossip Girl

Gossip in two almost kills gossip Let’s do this trend? It’s worth getting your pet into it who doesn’t miss the fuss.

Audios: Gossip Girl – Ishmael Carlos

Who has done: @theoemelpoms e @bazingamattos


It comes from #photodump good vibes to showcase your looks, friends and everything that’s going on in your day. Use the music rhythm to edit the Reel to show!

Audios: Hot – JoeVille

Who has done: @lucaltttt

Moses fitness

A goddess, a crazy woman, CROSSFITEIRAAA Share your training using this super fun audio.

Audios: A Goddess by Naty – Naty Graciano

Who has done: @natygraciano

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