“The Flash”: find out the rating of the film!

After many delays and much gossip, the film “Lightning” come. The world will be able to see Ezra Miller in the role of the DC superhero in less than three months. The Motion Picture Association (MPA), the body that manages the age range of films and series in the United States, announced this “Lightning” get ranked PG-13. In other words, for ages 13 and over.

The ratings are due to the violent action scenes, inappropriate language of the partial nudity scenes. This is the same age rating given to other recent DC releases, “Black Adam” (2022) and “Shazam! Wrath of the Gods” (2023).

"Lightning": find an indicative rating of the film!
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The film, which marked his return Ezra Miller after a series of controversies and police scandals, this is a big gamble by DC and Warner Bros. It is estimated that the studio cost the studio $ 200 million. In addition to Ezrathe cast includes names like Michael Shanon, Michael Keaton e Ben Affleck – the latter two reprise their appearances as Batman.

The first trailer of “Lightning” released at halftime of the Super Bowl, a huge investment in marketing. Check:

The film opens June 15 in theaters.

Bruna Marquezine auditioned with Ezra Miller and received praise from the actor

Bruna Marquezine can be seen in the film “Besouro Azul” which was already shot, but before that it was tested for another superhero film: “The Flash”. He even collaborated with Ezra Millerwho starred in DC/Warner Bros. Bruna said he received compliments from Ezra.

“With every credit from the director or Ezra [Miller], it looks like there is a load dropping. When it ended, I cried and called Juliana [sua empresária] and I said: ‘it doesn’t matter if I got this role or not, I found something I really missed, which is believing in myself as a professional, and not being constantly at the mercy of other people’s evaluations’. I could even be ‘tree 2’ in the movie, which would make me happy. But it’s Supergirl! I said: ‘I can’t believe they believed in me so much, to think of me as a superhero,’ said the actress, in an interview with ‘Quem Pode, Pod’.

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