BTS: Jimin looks for love and has fun in ballads in “Like Crazy” video

After making a strong debut with the apotheotic music video on “Free Me Pt.2”, Jimin released the EP “FACE”his first solo project outside BTS. The job arrives Friday (24)accompanied by singles “Like a mad man” and electrifying visuals that count with the participation of none other than the actresses Jennifer Lawrence.

Photo: Youtube playback


“Like a mad man” is the second single from “FACE” and as for the music video, Jimin invested in cinematographic detail. With directives signed by Yes KimThe visual begins with a snippet of dialogue between Jennifer Lawrence e Anton Yelchinin the eponymous film released in 2011, where he says: “I thought we could last forever” e Yelchin concerns: “I’m afraid everything will be lost”But Lawrence ensure: “Just trust me”.

After that, the video continues with the K-pop star have fun at the clubtook advantage of the dance floor, took pictures and walked through the crowd, until he appeared in a corridor whose walls were oozing some kind of black paint.


Keep in mind that tracks are present “FACE”first solo project in career Jimin. The EP arrived accompanied by six tracks and featured production Pdogg, Ghstloop, Supreme Boi, BLVSH e Evan. Additionally, three tracks on the album feature compositions co-written by his bandmates. RM.

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