Gossip time! Larissa and Fred brought external information to BBB23

Nobody sleeps early! Larisa e Fred Nicacio returned to BBB23 in the early hours of this Friday (24). After the commotion of brothers and sisters In receiving back two eliminations, the duo wasted no time opening up the game on everything that’s going on outside of the program: news, gossip, fights, weather, and more! Check that list POPline ready with the most shocking information for those in a bind.

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Fred and Larissa shared some external information with the brothers. (Photo: Globe)


News: the death of Glória Maria and the invasion of Brasilia

When asked by brothers and sisters about world events while they were confined, Fred Nicacio tells two stories that shock the participants: the death of a journalist Gloria Maria and the Bolsonartas’ invasion of Planalto, the STF and the Congress in Brasília.

Fandom Amanda and the ‘DocShoe’ couple

Larisa make day, night and week Amanda when telling his friend that he is so loved and cared for by Brazil. moreover, Fred Nicacio also said that people often ‘send’ pairs of ‘DocShoe’: Amanda com shoe face.

MC Poze do Rodo is a fan of Domitila!

Domitila known for his offbeat quotes from contemporary artists. Throughout the program she sings songs from MC’s image and went mad when he found out that the singer had his back BBB23!

Bullshit between Tina and Key Alves: “My name is Tina! Four letters!”

Tina e Alves lock staged a beautiful fight in reunion house. During the discussion, the Angolan climbed onto the pool table while teaching the volleyball player to say his name: “Girl, no! Tina. Four letters: TINA. If you haven’t learned it, learn it now!”. Once they’re back in the game, Fred e Larisa they waste no time and tell the hottest gossip to brothers and sisters – by the performance of millions!

Religious racism against the ‘multiverse of madness’ Fred Nicácio and Key Alves

Shortly after coming home, Fred Nicacio reveal it Christian, Gustav e Key is racist and practices religious intolerance with it – and brothers and sisters they are shocked. In addition, doctors and Larisa also tells about a story created by volleyball players and “Believing in his own lies”.

Lexa and MC Guime

expulsion from mc guide also a problem in between brothers and sisters. Larisa said he received a message from Lexaafter an episode of harassment on the program, and said the singer was deeply hurt by everything that happened.

Exposed by Caesar, Gustav is Christian

In front of all brothers and sisters, Larisa ‘hablo’ scary Czar Black, Gustav e Christian. The sister said she saw the three in the Leader’s Room, analyzing and talking about the bodies of the women in the program. After the conversation, Emperor on the phone Larisa to talk and apologize.


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BBB23 no POPline

HI BBB23 premiered with lots of news! Thaddeus Schmidt continue as host dani calabresa stay on “CAT BBB” — too Paul Vieira in “The Big Therapy” – and a new painting with illustrator Rafaella Tuma enough to finish. Through pictures, he will show in a humorous way everything that is high in the routine of the participants.

In addition, the most watched house in Brazil has undergone a makeover! Confinement aesthetics promise travel-focused décorwith bright colors and objects that refer to places in the world.

Specific coverage of POPline For BBB23 starts with everything! On the website and in social networks, exclusive content about the TV reality show Globo is guaranteed. HI GEEZ!, including, is on Instagram and there you can follow everything closely! Stay tuned so you don’t miss out!

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