“Pokémon: Horizons”: With the trailer, a new stage of the Pokémon anime was announced

Now it’s more than official: the anime of Pokémon officially say goodbye to Ash and Pikachu as protagonists and enter a new stage, called “Pokémon: The Horizon”. The name was confirmed through the trailer that was released this Friday (24).

Pokemon: Horizon
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With the end of the protagonists Ash and Pikachu, now the Pokemon anime accompanies the protagonist duo Liko and Rain in a series of new adventures, which officially opened in Japan on April 14.

Although no longer the protagonist of the animated series, Ash can make special appearances “Pokémon: The Horizon”which accompanies the release of new games from Nintendo’s popular game franchises, “Pokémon Scarlet” and “Pokémon Violet”, featuring a new region, named Paldea, a region inspired by the Iberian Peninsula, which comprises Spain and Portugal.

Check out the trailer, which features never-before-seen footage of the anime:

There is still no release date for “Pokémon: The Horizon” outside Japan.

Synopsis for “Pokémon: Horizons”

The two protagonists, Liko, along with his Pokémon partners Sprigatito, and Rain will meet many characters during their journey, including a group led by Friede and Captain Pikachu called the Thundernauts. Traveling through the Pokémon world in their ship, the Trovonauts have Orla, who is interested in mechanical and electrical work and has Metagross as her Pokémon partner; Murdock, who has Rockruff as his Pokémon partner and is a high-class cook; Hollie, a healing treatment specialist and who brings Chansey with her as a Pokémon partner; other than Landau. Liko and Rain will still face Amethio, accompanied by Ceruledge, his Pokémon partner and who is part of an organization called Desbravadores, as well as popular streamer Nidotina.

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