Pregnant! The web reacts to Jade Picon’s scene in “Travessia”

You can now close close in front of Jade Picon and play”again and again“! This Thursday (23), the disclosure of the discovery of pregnancy Chiara in “Travessia” move web. Daughter’s name Gerra (Humberto Martins) became the most commented topic on Twitter. That’s because the character reveals that she is expecting a child Ari (Chai Suede) after discovering the scam she took from her husband. Come check it out!

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Jade Picon hit the most commented topic on Twitter for “Travessia” (Photo: TV Globo)


Pregnancy discovery Chiara aired in last Wednesday’s episode (22), but it was only today that reactions from other characters in the plot aired with the news. The character feels bad and goes through several tests to find out why, and the result is positive pregnant!

The first person to know the news was Cidalia (Cassia Kis), who was surprised by the diagnosis. reaction from Gerra (Humberto Martins), but will only air this Friday (24). The moment that the public had been waiting for for a long time, it was the businessman’s daughter who found out about her pregnancy after the father received a beating from the son-in-law.

Despair Scene Chiara and concern from Cidalia affected and the internet, of course, is not forgiving! Character names ending in the most talked about topic on twitternext to the name of the actress, Jade Picon. In the last episode of the soap opera, he impressed some internet users with him performance evolution.

Keep in mind that this is influencer’s first work on soap operas. Before, Jade is part of BBB22 and success on social media. “Giving everything!”wrote one user. “One of the biggest collective closures in soap opera history”another said.

The crowd also joked about plot development. With videos of romantic moments in between Ari e Chiaraone netizen commented:Chiaramy dear, no pills, IUDs, injections, promises and prayers can deny this here!”.

Connecting in just a few reactions:


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