“You”: The series will end in season 5, Netflix announced

Netflix announced the renewal and the end of the series “You”starring Penn Badgley. The program about psychopathic Joe will end its story in the next season, which will be the 5th. The premiere is promised for 2024.

This year, Netflix released the 4th season of the series, divided into two parts – one on February 9 and the other on March 9. “You”including, continues in the daily ranking of the most watched series in Brazil.

Season 4 of “You” hits Netflix

In Season 4, Joe (Penn Badgley) moves to London alone and tries to build a new life, but is haunted by his past. The trailer released by Netflix shows him meeting Marianne again (Tati Gabrielle) and confronted. She calls him a killer, and he says he’s going to prove he’s not a killer.

“Being wise is important. Teaching is fun, and London isn’t so bad. I’m close to the craziest people on Earth. Special idiot circle. But I miss someone out there,” says the psychopath in the trailer.

In total, this program already has 40 episodes. Penn Badgley plays Joe since 2018.

Masturbation scene stresses Penn Badgley on “You” set

Actor Penn Badgleyprotagonist of the series “You”, did not like filming his character Joe’s masturbation scene. She said this scene was more difficult than the sex scene because the focus was 100% on her and her face. He tends to get nervous, especially because of the director’s instructions. Lee Toland Krieger.

"You"The series will end in season 5, Netflix has announced
(Photo: Netflix)

“I always get the same tip: to make Joe less scary. They say, ‘close your eyes or walk faster or slower’. And I was like, ‘What? This guy kills people, masturbates in the street and you’re saying it’s me that makes him scary?’” Penn Badgley aired on the “Podcrushed” podcast.

“He [Lee Toland Krieger] said, ‘guys, I think you need to close your eyes’. I don’t remember exactly how he said it. He communicated so funny that it was scary. I say: ‘[ser assustador] is the point [da série]’. That’s a weird fine line we’ve always walked: we’re examining toxicity in sexual culture, while trying to be sexy at the same time,’” she added.

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