BBB23: After Paredão, Amanda got angry and argued with Ricardo

Ricardo’s lettuce choose Amanda in formation breakwater This week (26) and finally found by the complainant. This action eventually caused discomfort among the community brothers and sisters who fought shortly after the hotseat definition BBB23. The doctor was the most voted in the house (by 5 votes), but was saved in Spin-Tap Test. They face each other in the preliminary round next Tuesday (28) Aline, Bruna e Gabriel.

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Amanda and Ricardo argued after the formation of Paredão (Photo: TV Globo)


Lettuce justify vote on Amanda said that he spoke on Discord Game that he was aggressive and rude and her “biggest disappointment”. The doctor was annoyed that he always emphasized that he would not choose a biomedical doctor.

It’s a vote I didn’t expect. I marked the ‘biggest disappointment’ for her… I said straight away ‘I don’t agree with you, but I didn’t vote for you’. Every time we met, he was complaining about something. He came to hug me there, I defended him then… now take him and talk….he told Aline, Bruna e Larisa.

Ricardoin turn, fired upon sister For Black Cezar:Want to appear now, at the end of the game? 45 of the second half, he wants to show up for me, he won’t show up, no. Good grief!

“That’s not going to show up for me, no. I will also not give morals. Now it would be the unfortunate thing, the disadvantaged. Oxe, every drop I see,” he continued.


He also highlighted another reason: movement in play. all after that Larisa back from reunion house carry information that is not ‘aggregated’ in reality.

I also said that I had no reason to choose Run now, I chose whoever I wanted to choose, which I don’t think appears in game. For me, 10 should stay in game are the ones that show game, [ela] not showing game.”

Then, the two exchanged some barbs. Amanda tells him he is bothered by the vote because he contradicts himself with what the biodoctor disapproves of. Look:

I’d love for Alface to show VT you came to thank me for not voting for you on a day when everyone wanted to vote for you“, This Amanda. Before leaving the room, Ricardo he replied: “But then there are things in the game that have happened, and I balance them out, and I want to see the game light up. For me, you have to go to this Paredão”.

Aline, Bruna or Gabriel: Who should come out on the 11th Paredão do BBB23?

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BBB23 no POPline

HI BBB23 premiered with lots of news! Thaddeus Schmidt continue as host dani calabresa stay on “CAT BBB” — too Paul Vieira in “Big Therapy” — and a new painting with illustrator Rafaella Tuma enough to finish. Through pictures, he will show in a humorous way everything that is high in the routine of the participants.

In addition, the most watched house in Brazil has undergone a makeover! Confinement aesthetics promise travel-focused décorwith bright colors and objects that refer to places in the world.

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