BBB23: Aline, Bruna and Gabriel are in the 11th Paredão! Who should go?

This Sunday’s live program (19) is decisive eleventh wall Do BBB23. at the end of the night, AlineBruna e Gabriel failed to escape and was in the hot seat. Who will be eliminated next Tuesday (28)? The dynamics shown by the leader Sarah Alineindividual vows in the confessional, Wild Power, Counterattack and finally (wow!) it is Reverse Test. See how polls work!

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The new brothers face off at the eleventh Paredão (Photo: TV Globo)


at the beginning dynamicso Angel Ricardo lettuce discovered that the power was autoimmune. Next up, leader Sarah Aline showed Bruna directly to breakwater. After, Marvvila, because it won the Globoplay competition, has the right to veto someone from the poll. The singer chose Amanda. “I’ve imagined“, exclaimed the doctor.

Participants then vote in a confessional. See how it goes:

  • Larisa choose Marvvila
  • Fred choose Amanda
  • Aline choose Marvvila
  • Domitila choose Amanda
  • Bruna choose Marvvila
  • Gabriel Santana choose Amanda
  • Czar Black choose Aline
  • Marvvila choose Amanda
  • Ricardo choose Amanda


Marvvila (3 votes) and Amanda (5 votes) is the most widely elected by the DPR. With that, the doctor finally went into the hot seat. Momentum follows buying wild card power and found that he had the right to close a brother and choose Gabriel. He, in turn, has the right to counterattack: Aline selected.

With that, they argued Spin-Tap Test Aline, Gabriel e Amanda. At the end of the dynamic Amanda win and get rid of breakwater.

With that, they faced each other in the spotlight Aline, Bruna e Gabriel.

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*Remember that all polls are partial and have nothing to do with the progress of the reality show

BBB23 no POPline

HI BBB23 premiered with lots of news! Thaddeus Schmidt continue as host dani calabresa stay on “CAT BBB” — too Paul Vieira in “Big Therapy” — and a new painting with illustrator Rafaella Tuma enough to finish. Through pictures, he will show in a humorous way everything that is high in the routine of the participants.

In addition, the most watched house in Brazil has undergone a makeover! Confinement aesthetics promise travel-focused décorwith bright colors and objects that refer to places in the world.

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