How hot! Jungkook took off his shirt and showed his six pack to Calvin Klein

ARMY’s heart rate faltered a little this Tuesday (the 28th) – and all because Jeon Jungkook! After years of ‘hiding’ from the cameras, the youngest member of BTS played out her small body for the first time in an unprecedented photoshoot for Calvin Klein, the brand for which she is a global ambassador. Naturally, his name is one of the most talked about on Twitter, but no wonder. Hah?

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The photos are accompanied by a video, all through the photographer’s lens. Park Young Ha. Within 34 seconds of registration, Jungkook seductive in quick shots, occasionally showing off his six-pack with an emphasis on Calvin Klein underwear. All, of course, for the music “King”by artist Zayde wolf. Real little king, let’s match!

From now on, according to the statement from the brand itself, the K-Pop idol has become “world ambassadors, tanto da Calvin Klein Jeans quanto da Calvin Klein Underwear [roupas íntimas]”.

See the impact of the test on the network:


It needs to be said that Jungkook living a very positive moment in his career. After the hiatus announcement BTS in June last year, shortly after the album’s release “PROOF”he formed a successful partnership with Charlie Put. Together they released the hit bubblegum “Left and right“.

And if that wasn’t enough, the singer even put on his biggest act as a soloist so far by voicing the song. “Dreamer”, which is one of the Qatar World Cup theme songs. Back then, he even appeared at the event’s opening ceremony in front of many people.

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