Rafa Kalimann says reunion with José Loreto is “uncomfortable”

Rafa Kalimann broke the silence after meeting with José Loreto during “Dance of the Famous” from “Domingão com Hulk”. The influencer opened his heart about what he felt when he saw his ex-girlfriend who was a judge at the event, last Sunday (26). He confessed that he believed that this was not the time for the actor’s statement: It’s genuine but it makes me uncomfortable”.

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José Loreto became a judge for “Dança dos Famosos” with Rafa Kalimann. (Photo: Globe)


Last Sunday’s “Dance of the Celebrities” (26) was a bit ‘confusing’, according to José Loreto. The reason? The actor was part of the artistic jury for the painting “Domingão com Hulk” and had to evaluate his ex-girlfriend, Rafa Kalimann. The two were in a relationship for six months and broke up in January this year.

“First group… I was a bit confused… The first group gave me joy, the second weight, and I found this one (…) Confused to see Rafa herecomment Loreto. “We were here when we met”, he added. The former couple met in June 2022, during recording “Sunday” and soon became involved in romance.

Rafa Kalimann didn’t like that comment!

After the impact of that moment, Rafa Kalimann open about her feelings and tell reporters By LucasPasfelt uncomfortable with the actor’s comments.

For me it is even more confusing. I’m confused, uncomfortable. We’re in a group and the focus is on that one. it’s not the time. But I understand her side. I knew that there was affection, friendship, affection, and he wanted to express it, and he chose that moment. It’s genuine, but it makes me uncomfortable,” he said.

All I want is for my professional life to get the same spotlight as my personal life.. I was there presenting my work, a project, and I want to voice it. I’m happy with Loreto’s score of 10 for our group, and he understands that it’s a group. But I want to say: ‘Wow, this is a very important moment for me, to appreciate my work, and again this is going to be something about my personal life’. venting on the former BBB.


Kaliman even stating that he understands that public exposure is a part of his life, ever since he was in a reality show, Brazilian brother, and work with the Internet and social networks. However, she emphasized that she wants to be recognized for her professional work, aside from ‘gossip’ about her personal life.

“They said so much and created so much about my personal life it hurt. But I want to always be honest with myself. I want to meet people, kiss on the mouth, start and end dating, and also see that my personal life is not something bigger than my professional life,” he concluded. Rafa.

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