30 curiosities about “The Little Mermaid”, Disney’s new live-action

New version of “The Little Mermaid”In Language direct action com Halle Bailey as the protagonist, arrives at theaters with high expectations at the box office. Much awaited by different audiences, this film is Disney’s bet for the middle of the year, and arouses a lot of curiosity about the behind the scenes. Check here some details of this super production!

"Little Mermaid": see what critics have to say about the live-action
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1) The film begins with a quote from Hans Christian Andersoncharacter creator Ariel: “a mermaid has no tears and therefore she suffers more”;

2) “The Little Mermaid” features the same creative team as “Mary Poppins Returns” (2018), the screenwriter David Mages and director Rob Marshall;

3) Rob also directed “Chicago” (2002), which earned him an Oscar nomination;

4) But the director says it was his work that influenced him the most “The Little Mermaid” it was a visual effect for “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (2011);

30 facts about "Little Mermaid"Disney's new live action
Rob Marshall and Halle Bailey (Photo: Getty Images / POPline official use)

5) The story about Ariel obtained location: fictional island in the Caribbean;

6) Most of the shooting took place in London between 2020 and 2021, but there was additional shooting in Sardinia, Italy;

7) Recording experienced several breaks and schedule delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic;

8) The live-action is two hours long, half an hour longer than the animation;

Soundtrack “The Little Mermaid”.

9) A song from the animation, “Trinton’s Daughter”cut from live-action;

10) Director Rob Marshall with that, I want the impact of the first song to be even bigger – “Part of Your World”;

11) On the other hand, the live-action features three new songs: “Uncharted Wild Waters”, “Scuttebutt” e “For the first time”;

12) With that, prince eric won solo, “Wild Uncharted Waters”;

13) The composers of the song are Alan Menken (same as “Aladdin”) and Lin Manuel Miranda (from “Charm”)

Cast choice

14) Harry Styles invited to interpret Eric’s Principlebut did not accept the invitation;

15) Jack Whitehall he was also cited for the role of the prince;

16) Another name in that race Timothée Chalamet;

17) Before the announcement Halle Bailey for the role of Ariel, there are rumors that Zendaya quoted for the character. He denied;

30 facts about "Little Mermaid"Disney's new live action
Timothé Chalamet and Zendaya could have starred in “The Little Mermaid” (Photo: Getty Images / POPline official use)

18) Halle Bailey discovered on YouTube by singer Beyoncewho is the manager;

19) In the Brazilian dub, the ArieI have a voice Laura CastroGroup member BFF girl;

20) Javier Bardemchosen to be triton kingpreviously worked with Disney on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

21) Simone Ashley (Kate from “Bridgerton”) makes a guest appearance Indiraone of Ariel’s sisters

22) Characterization of Melissa McCarthy as Ursula it’s very similar to animation;

The difference from live action to animation

23) By the way, the name of the sister of Ariel moving from animation to live-action;

24) Other differences between the two versions: in animation, Ariel signed a contract with Ursula by making a pact to get a leg. In live-action, the two make a blood pact;

25) Change removes a flaw in the original script: if Ariel know how to write, because I do not write notes for Eric?;

26) Live-action combines more information about life Eric. The film tells that he was adopted;

27) In the animation, the parents of Eric do not appear. In live-action, played by his mother, the Queen Or Dumezwini;

30 facts about "Little Mermaid"Disney's new live action
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28) So, apart from the black princess (Ariel), Disney also brings the black queen to the story;

29) A Ariel from live-action is more powerful and independent, without dependencies Eric to fight criminals Ursula;

30) Although the film uses a lot of CGI, Halle Bailey says he spends about 13 hours underwater in one day of recording.

30 facts about "Little Mermaid"Disney's new live action
(Photo: Disclosure)

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