Larissa and Fred ended their relationship a month after BBB23 ended

About a month after the end BBB23This Friday (26). Larissa Santos e Fred Bruno announced that they were no longer dating. The relationship started in Brazil’s most-watched home but didn’t take off in real life despite the fact that they enjoyed their time together. On social networks, both manifest themselves through Instagram Stories.

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(Photo: Instagram @larisantosbe and @fred)


“I want to be transparent with all of you, so, out of respect for all the people who like me, who met me on the show and who follow me here on social media, I want to share, sadly, Fred and I don’t go out together anymoreannounced LarisaHe also thanked the support he received and praised his ex’s friendship: “We have a partnership and friendship relationship above all. I will never lack affection for what we have experienced in these last few months.”

Fred also posted a statement on her Stories and spoke about the former sister: “One of my biggest commitments in life and on the internet is to always be sincere and open with everyone who accompanies me, That’s why I’m sharing with you that Larissa and I are not continuing the relationship we formed in the last few months..”

(Photo: Instagram @larisantosbe and @fred)

In addition to Larisa e Fredanother pair that didn’t get ahead was Key e Gustav. Instead, they made it clear that the layoffs were not very friendly, with the right to hint on social networks.

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