Preta Gil talks about the end of her marriage: “It couldn’t paralyze me”

In the early hours of this Friday (26), Black Gil uses his social network to share happy moments with his followers amidst bowel cancer treatment. In Stories, the singer also assures that “can’t stop” after the end of the marriage Rodrigo Godoi and celebrating a pleasant outing with relatives and friends: “This love motivates me to react”.

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Preta Gil shares feelings with fans. (Photo: Instagram @pretagil)


After cheating on her ex-husband, Rodrigo Godoi, Black Gil shared with fans his feelings after a breakup. With the support and togetherness of his family and friends, the singer enjoys his days in São Paulo for fun and enjoyment “do something you’ve never done”like riding an ATV in the park and playing bowling.

“Today I did two things that I had never done before. I rode an ATV at Ibirapueta Park and went bowling. Very touched to see the mobilization of the family to see me happy. It was something indescribable. When I say family, I mean relatives and friends.divided black.

“They chose to love and care for me and I did. This is not an easy thing for me, I have always been the person I choose to take care of and today I let myself be taken care of! This is one of the biggest lessons of this time that I live”, he added.


This love motivated me to react, even with so much physical and emotional pain. I no longer allow myself not to enjoy life. The pain of betrayal deception cannot paralyze me. Day after day I reconnect with my essence and smile again.” finished.

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