Rafael and Clara will find out that Kate is Theo’s girlfriend in “Vai na Fé”

It seems that the fans of the couple are formed by Kate (Clara Monk)b Raphael (Caio Manhente) in “go by faith” have to deal with a complicated situation between characters. It turns out that the young will discover the relationship that boyfriend has with his fatherfrom Theo (Emílio Dantas), after noticing strange behavior.

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Clara and Rafael will find out that Kate is Theo's girlfriend "go by faith"
Rafael (Caio Manhente) and Kate’s (Clara Moneke) romance is coming to an end. (Photo: Globe)


In the following episodes, Theo will find Kate on Ice. After noticing the presence of his father, Raphael would do anything to protect his girlfriend and prevent her from getting to know him. However, what the youth did not even imagine was that she had, in fact, been his father’s lover.

Quick, Jennifer will demand that the father not disappoint his best friend, who feels bad for not telling the truth. Raphael. The villain, however, will surpass the children and thank you Kate to go out with him. He will even keep new meetings with the businessman a secret.

Without even the slightest idea what was going on, Clara (Regiane Alves), would suggest it Kate e Jennifer come to your house for dinner. Theo, of course, will like the wife’s idea. Immediately, daughter of Sol (Sheron Menezzes) refuses to meet her father, whom she prefers to keep at a distance.

Even so, the villain will not give up on his daughter and best friend. Therefore, it displays it Kate make Jennifer come for dinner. He would then ask law students to accompany him on visits Theo.

The two will eventually go out to dinner, but they will be accompanied Eduardo (Matheus Abreu), who returns to Piedade. There, the entrepreneur will bluff once again Kate, who will despair of circumstances. Of the, Raphael You will notice a change in your girlfriend’s behavior.

Clara finds out about the relationship between Kate and Theo and is shocked by the crime her husband committed with Sol

The situation will get even more complicated when Clara catch Kate along with Theo. She will argue with her husband, who will leave the house to spend the night together twinkle (Carolina Dickmann). Annoyed by circumstances, mother of Raphael will go after Bruna (Carla Cristina Cardoso).

mother of Kate will spare no words to leave wife Theo aware of everything that villain has ever done. Besides revealing that the princess is the lover of the businessman, Bruna would also say that he abused his mother, Sol. Because of that, Clara will understand that Jennifer is a victim of rape.

Surprised by the information, he will confide Bruna and will reveal that he was the victim in a toxic relationship with Theo. In addition, it will require Kate stay away from your child Raphael. The boy, however, will try to keep in touch with his girlfriend, and he will have a heart-to-heart talk with her.

Confused, he wandered the streets of Piedade until he was found Jennifer who is with his mother, Sol, will bring the brother home. He will definitely suffer from a distance Katewhen Clara about to make an important decision: to expel Theo From home.

With that decision, the way is open for Helena (Priscila Sztejnman), who is increasingly involved with Clara. It could even culminate in making the long-awaited couple “Clarena” official, a name coined by the public accompanying the umlaut. These scenes will be shown in episodes that will air between those days May 5 and May 10.

However, the plot may receive changes or the sequence of episodes may be altered by GloboTV. Therefore, to stay up to date on everything that is happening, it is important to keep a close eye on it”go by faith“. The soap opera 19h airs from Monday to Saturday.

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