Taylor Swift details negotiations for feat with Ice Spice: “I’ve been listening to it non-stop”

This is a matter of karma: Taylor Swift e Ice Spice they should release a feat! In the Friday (26)fans of the artist can hear their vocals blend together for the first time remixes track “Karma”that came with the disc “Midnight (Until Dawn Edition)”. To Spotify, Taylor said that contact with rappers came naturally: “I got his number and said ‘Hey, do you want to do the Karma version?’ And he left with everything!.

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today at 23 years, Es really coming into the world over the years 2000 – she was born on January 1 of that year. Taylorie from 1989 (as was the title of his first pop album), ten years older than the rapper. Naturally, then, that is Ice have heard songs from Fast throughout his childhood.

“He came to me through his team saying ‘Hey, you know, Ice has been a huge Taylor fan since he was a little kid, we would love to collaborate. […]. And I’ve been listening to it non-stop, like when I’m getting ready for a tour, I’m constantly listening to his songs.”said the voice of “Anti-Hero”.

Taylor He also emphasized that the rapper deserves all the spotlight right now: “It’s really special because I was blown away by it. In my opinion, she is THE ARTIST to watch.”.

Ice Spicethat beats the mark 32.8 million monthly listeners on Spotifybecame well known in the world phonographic industry, especially in North America, when he voiced a remix of the song “Liar Boys Pt. 2”from the singer PinkPantheress. The sash itself piles up more than 453.9 million games on the platform. Shot!


What’s New in the Newly Released “Midnights (Til Dawn Edition)”

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Go there! We traveled at midnight, arrived at 3am and continued into the early hours of the morning. all this because Taylor Swift finally launched the second deluxe version “Midnight” This Friday (26). Entitled “Midnight (Until Dawn Edition)”the project brings a remix of “Karma” com Ice Spicenew version of “Snow on the Beach” com King wool and unreleased songs “You Lost Me”.

“Midnight” officially released in October 2022 and a few hours later won the first deluxe version “3:00 Edition”, a project that became the biggest release of the year in a matter of weeks. your track dominating major music charts around the world and set a global record for the star.

For the fans asking, Taylor Swift answered! “Midnight (Until Dawn Edition)” bring version “Snow on the Beach”where we can hear entire verses of stunning vocals King wool, as well as various interactions between divas. Last Wednesday (24), voice from “Anti-heroes” revealed that they had returned to the studio to re-record the song which also features slightly different instrumentals.

Additionally, the new deluxe version of the album includes remixes from “Karma” com Ice Spice. The song includes a new verse with the rapper performing his iconic vocals right after the first chorus. However, that song hasn’t been released yet “You Lost Me”available physical CD version onlywhich will be available in the charts “Eras Tour”.

com 52 confirmed concerts e Tickets Out only in the US, stars land with”Eras Tour” this friday, May 26, NO MetLife Stadium, in East Rutherford, New Jersey. International dates will be announced soon.

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