BBB23: Boninho argues and calls sister ‘plant’ on social networks

Even as program director, cute are people like us and would like to comment on BBB23. And last Monday (20) was no different. On his Instagram profile, the Big Boss share edited photos from Marvvila and call it ‘the plant’. Good grief! > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up with celebrities, reality shows, and … Read more

BBB23: Boninho reveals when you’ll see Key Alves in Mexico

Dania Mendez already left BBB23But Alves lock followFamous People’s House“. Volleyball player lands on reality Mexico last Wednesday (15) even became a soap opera actress in the exam. However, participants from the most watched house in Brazil still don’t know it! This Saturday (18), cute confirmed when the disclosure. Come and see! > Follow OMG! … Read more

BBB23: Turbo week? Boninho promises to ‘screw up’ the game once again

He doesn’t stop! This Saturday (18), cute stirred the audience and revealed that game BBB23 there will be new changes. Through social networks, the director reality show say that Thaddeus Schmidt has something to reveal on Sunday (19) and has piqued everyone’s curiosity. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up with celebrities, reality shows, … Read more

BBB23: Boninho defends Guimê and denies rumours

After expulsion mc guide Do BBB23rumors began to circulate that the funk artist was not taking what was happening well, and that he would curse and ‘lose the line’ to the production. reality show. This Friday (17), both the singer and cuteprogram director, appeared on social media to deny fake news. > Follow OMG! on … Read more