TWICE’s Chaeyoung Apologizes After Controversy Over Nazi Symbols

Name from Chaeyoungmember of TWICE, became one of the most commented subjects on Twitter this Tuesday (21). However, the reason is not at all pleasant. As fans of the artist pointed out, he would apologize for Nazism by sharing a photo wearing a T-shirt com swastika cross symbol. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep … Read more

“Switch”: Iggy Azalea returns to address the leak controversy involving Anitta

Green light for controversy, and an old fashioned… For that matter Tuesday (21), Iggy Azalea proving that she keeps tabs on everything that’s said about her on Twitter and doesn’t shy away from commenting on recent tweets that involve some confusion about “Divert”, partnership with Anitta, 2017. An internet user arrived with a leaked audio … Read more

Karen Bachini has revealed her nicotine addiction after the recent controversy

beauty influencer Karen Bachini opens his heart this Friday (17). In a video shared on TikTok, he says that he has gone through the process of quitting using e-cigarettes and this is causing his hands to shake. According to the businessman, this is a reflection of abstinence. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up … Read more

Ben Affleck expresses support for Jennifer Lopez after controversy: “she takes care of me”

Jennifer López e Ben Affleck already proven by A+B that they love each other more! The couple resumed their romance after 20 years and since then, it’s been just love. This Thursday (16), the actor gave an interview to Hollywood Reporter and make a point talked about the importance of the singer in his life … Read more

Key’s sister Alves mocks controversy with Lexa and Guimê: “I don’t think so”

mc guide facing accusations of abuse after him Leader Party NO BBB23 – and the celebrity statements about what happened just don’t stop. There are people who reject this attitude and offer support to Lexasinger’s wife, but there are also those who ‘mock’ the situation. Keyt Alvestwins of Keyget involved and use an ‘I told … Read more

BBB23: Sapato thanks for the party and celebrates birthday amidst the controversy

This Thursday (15/10) morning, the participants BBB23 famous doing X-ray. And while the party is busy, with the controversy involved mc guide e shoe facethe fighter thanks him for the event and for the opportunity to celebrate his birthday at reality. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up with celebrities, reality shows, and memes … Read more

MC Pipokinha apologized after the controversy with the teachers

after big controversy because you unflattering speech about teachers, MC Pipokinha decided to use their social networks to apologize. For those who don’t remember, the artist received some flak after being belittled educator salary. So he decided to vent about what happened. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up with celebrities, reality shows, and … Read more

Former employee Karen Bachini is back in discussing the controversy with the influencer

The fight for justice between Karen Bachini e Priscilla Danielle continued! Last Tuesday night (14), the former influencer employee commented on a controversial case with his former boss, who even published a video with evidence that the girl’s accusations were baseless. A youtubers accused of abuse of power and psychological abuse. > Follow OMG! on … Read more

MC Pipokinha canceled sixth show after controversy with teachers

MC Pipokinha he felt in his skin (and in his pocket) the consequences of his controversial lines. That’s because the funk artist canceled another show, this time at a university party in Araraquara, in rural São Paulo. Organizers of the event removed the singer from the program after he belittled teachers’ salaries in a video … Read more

Maria José apologizes to Virginia after controversy: “She fell into a trap”

He returns! This Tuesday (14), a new controversy involved Virginia Fonseca. This time it’s about influencers Maria Joséa big meme among Internet users, which was invited by the mother of Maria Alice e Mary’s Flower to visit him at his house. After the invitation, he criticized the others influencers: “Everything for deleting pictures“. However, at … Read more