The former siblings commented on the case involving Dania Mendez on BBB23

What should reunion house united, nothing separates! Fred Nicacio, Larisa e Tina not that close in BBB23but back to reality everything changes. The three of them were inseparable while waiting for the repechage results. In one of the conversations this Thursday afternoon (23), they recalled sexual harassment case involve Dania Mendez and give their opinion … Read more

Dania Mendez highlighted the importance of Anitta in the consumption of reggaeton in Brazil

Anita continue to pursue a brilliant and successful international career! Amid conquests and accomplishments such as participation in the world’s greatest honors, his legacy continues to be remembered and perpetuated. After a turbulent week at BBB23, Dania Mendez back to Famous People’s House not mexican and highlighting the strong importance in increasing consumption reggaeton No … Read more

After blaming Dania for the abuse, Arturo is knocked out of Mexican reality

See you! This Monday (20), Arturo Carmona eliminated from “La Casa de los Famosos”. Actor, with whom she lives a love life Dania Mendez during confinement, trying to blame him for the sexual assault case at BBB23. NO reality Mexico, viewers choose who they want to keep in the house. This time, “Arturite” took the … Read more

Dania Mendez returns to Mexican reality and Arturo comments: “You give up”

Dania Mendez back toFamous People’s House” after a quick – but memorable – journey through BBB23. There, he spoke a lot about Brazil to the participants and there was no abuse! Mexico suffers sexual abuse from guime e shoe faceissued from reality Brazil. And after going through an unacceptable situation on the program, the influencer … Read more

Dania Mendez’s brother criticized the presenter and called for an end to the assault

After being a victim of harassment at BBB23, Dania Mendez has received a lot of support and, unfortunately, some negative comments on social media. Since the expulsion mc guide e shoe face Last Thursday (16), the case became more widespread and the model’s name resonated even more in the world web. With a wave of … Read more

“I want more time”: Dania Mendez packs her bags and leaves BBB23

See you! to live from Dania Mendez NO BBB23 it didn’t last long. Initially, La Casa de los Famosos participants would stay until Sunday, the day the wall was formed. However, after the expulsion mc guide e shoe face, the Mexican knows that he will be leaving the most heavily guarded house in Brazil this … Read more

New BFFs? Dania Mendez presents Domitila after the eviction at BBB23

Last Thursday (16) was anything but easy for me brothers and sisters Do BBB23. The night, which should have marked the 10th Leader Examination, didn’t even pass Bruna Griphao celebrated precisely the leadership of the third. The atmosphere in the house was mournful and upset after the expulsion mc guide e shoe facebecause of accusations … Read more

Dania regrets the expulsion and finds out when she will leave BBB23

Dania Mendez feel so guilty due to expulsion mc guide e shoe face NO BBB23. Because of this, the Mexican was summoned to the confessional to speak with the producer “House of Famous People”. Besides ventilation, he know when he will leave Brazil and will return to gringo reality. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to … Read more

BBB23: The dynamics of the week will be decided by Dania Mendez; understand

The game continues! Everyone already knows that this week BBB23 Just started again on Thursday, when Thaddeus Schmidt announced for dynamics this week and do Leader Test. After expulsion mc guide e shoe face harassment, the presenter explains how breakwater Sunday (19). A choice Dania Mendez could be decisive for brothers and sisters. Come and … Read more

Cara de Sapato was KICKED OUT from BBB23 after a controversial scene with Dania Mendez

After all the rumors during the day, the BBB23 decided emit shoe face do reality. HI brother became embroiled in controversy after crossing the line in his attitude towards Dania Mendez. The decision resonated among internet users, who were already in favor of the decision. Apart from fighters mc guide also leaves reality. > Follow … Read more