SehatQ Apk Booking and Asking Doctor para Android e iOS 2023

La era actual de la tecnología ha hecho tantos cambios en todos los aspectos, incluido el sector de la salud, uno de ellos. Un ejemplo de cambio en el sector salud es una aplicación llamada SehatQ Apk. Esta aplicación está disponible en versiones Android e iOS. Por lo tanto, esta aplicación se puede descargar a … Read more

“Doctor Who”: Series to introduce new characters in multimedia shows

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the series “doctor who” promises to be great and the production announced a multimedia event, which will introduce new characters in a sci-fi plot. (Photo: Disclosure) Read more: Launched in 1963, produced and broadcast by the BBC, the series “doctor who” is a smash hit of the sci-fi genre and … Read more

Gkay made an aesthetic procedure with doctor Kim Kardashian

One more procedure? Relax, everything is quieter now! Gkay has rocked the structure on its way Angel and showed, in his Instagram Storiesnew venture time for the look: aesthetic procedures with doctors from Kardashianeven made by Kim. Strong! On social networks, she did not fail to reassure fans by stating that it was not any … Read more