Martin Scorsesse announces a film about Jesus

Academy Award winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese want to make a film about Jesus. He had a meeting with Pope Francisco at the Vatican over the weekend and announced his plans at a press conference in Rome. (Photo: Twitter @antoniospadaro) Read more: “I responded to Papo’s call to artists in the only way I know how: … Read more

Teaser released for the film about Hypgnosis, the world’s most famous record cover editor

Behold, we finally have a very well-told story about one of the most famous album cover publishers in the world, Hypgnosis. In a movie called “Squaring the Circle – The Story of Hypnosis”Director Anthony Corbin reveals never-before-seen details about the spelling of the most iconic albums of all time, such as “Dark Side of the … Read more

“The Idol”, by The Weeknd and Sam Levinson, was slaughtered after the Cannes Film Festival

Weekend e Sam Levinson (creators of “Euphoria”) aired the series “the idol” NO Cannes Film Festival and, despite polite applause at the session, negative criticism has already rained down on the special vehicle. “the idol”which doesn’t premiere until June 4 on HBO Max, along high failure rate. The Variety website published that the series looks … Read more

“Sleeping Princess”: Pietra Quintela was cast to star in the film

Hammer beaten! Movie protagonist “Sleeping Beauty”adaptation of the eponymous book by Paula Pimentagoing to be an actress Pietra Quintela. With seven million followers on Instagram, she is known for her role as Lorena in the SBT soap operas “As Aventuras de Poliana” and “Poliana Moça”. (Photo: Disclosure) Read more: Pietra Quintela she is 14 years … Read more

$$$! Only one film debut has earned more than “Fast & Furious 10” in 2023

Film “Fast & Furious 10” premiered attracting large audiences to the cinema. Universal Pictures reported revenue of $319 million at the global box office – surpassing initial projections (i.e. $295 million). This is the second biggest opening of 2023 in theaters. “Super Mario Bros. – The Movie” led this year’s rankings, with US$377.5 million in … Read more