OpenAI launched a free ChatGPT app for iOS

A OpenAI launched iOS app for ChatGPTOne android version will arrive, according to the company, ‘quick’. The platform is free, syncs chat history with the web, and features voice input, compatible with open source speech recognition models Open aI, Whisper. Photo: Disclosure Read more: This app works iPhones e iPads and can downloaded from App … Read more

Meet Orion, the first evil character from “Free Fire”!

Program “Project Scarlet” will score the game “Free Fire” between May 12 and 28, and one of the highlights is the game’s first evil character, Orion. Seeking revenge, he will trigger a series of activities that the player must overcome. This event will feature several collections. (Photo: Disclosure/Garena) Read more: Advice from “Free Fire” continue … Read more

Interviews: from baile funk to “Free Fire” and TV shows, meet Maellen!

Anyone who thinks it’s impossible to be everything in life is because they’ve never met Mallen! Artist who started his career singing at funk partiesif you find a phenomena in the game “Free Fire”turn around professional streamers and now unlock ‘skin’ presenter himself tv programs“Maellen Yes On”. From professional career to LGBTQIAP+ representationsee the full … Read more

Rosalía brought together 160,000 fans at a free concert in Mexico City

Rosalia cause ‘Motomami Tour‘ to one of the main tourist attractions mexico city This Friday (28). According to the town hall, the artist united more than 160 thousand fas in Zócalothe name for Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square), in the historic center of the Mexican capital. Photo: Mauricio Santana/Getty Images READ MORE: As reported … Read more

WPS Mod Apk Latest Office Premium Free (Desbloquear todas las herramientas) – Una de las mejores herramientas de aplicación que deben ser propiedad de estudiantes, estudiantes y también trabajadores es WPS Mod Apk. WPS Office es una aplicación que realmente ayuda a los usuarios a leer documentos en varios formatos. Hoy en día, si desea hacer un documento mecanografiado, no necesita usar una computadora portátil. … Read more

‘MacacoLab Sessions’ promotes free panels supporting the music scene in Minas Gerais

Aiming to connect music industry professionals, rising artists, and the public, Creative Industry Monkey promotes an unprecedented initiative in support of the culture of Minas Gerais, the “Macacalab Session”. From March 16th to April 2nd, the free project em Belo Horizonte involves a series of thematic chats, accompanied by pocket performances and the exchange of … Read more