“The Lord of The Rings: Gollum”: Game gets a new release date

There have been years of waiting and several delays, but the first of 5 games in the “Lord of the Rings” franchise that are currently in development have been given a new release date. Yes, we’re talking about “Lord of the Rings: Gollum”. Photo: Disclosure Read more: According to a statement from Nacon, the developer … Read more

PlayStation Studios is the highest rated game company on Metacritic in 2022

2022 is important for PlayStation Studios. Between exclusive releases for Sony’s video game console and PC versions, the publisher was the highest-rated game company on Metacritic last year. Photo: Disclosure Read more: This list was released this Thursday (23) by website Metacritic and tallies the records of all releases from studios and publishers that have … Read more

BBB23: Tadeu complains to Fred for ‘showing up’ on Game of Discord

not a week BBB23 it starts like that with Discord Game! However, this Monday (20), emotions seem to be more subdued in between brothers and sisters. In the “Bite and Blow” dynamic, competitors raffle flaws and qualities and must defend their point of view. At the time Fred must show someone as “snob”, however, he … Read more

Game of Discord makes indirect and pizza at BBB23; understand!

After three weeks of intense dynamics, the Discord Game back to room BBB23. This time the brothers, without even knowing it, compete for a dinner where the main dish is something quite unusual: pizza! They are then sorted positive tokens e negative to talk about your opponent. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up … Read more

For the world to hear! “Pilantra”, by Jão and Anitta, released during a soccer game in Spain

That “Pilantro” they are so international! In the domingos (19)achievements recently released between John e Anita distributed throughout the field of a football stadium Already Spanishin the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. In action promoted by Spotify, “Cunning” takes over all the screens on the field for a few seconds. A “pilantrage” of the … Read more

How much is the entire Nintendo WiiU and 3DS game library worth?

It wasn’t long before the online game store from Nintendo WiiU e Nintendo 3DS closed forever, which happened on March 27th. But before that fateful day arrived, a YouTuber secured the entire game library for the two consoles. Find out how much he spent! Photo: Disclosure Read more: Since the official announcement of Nintendo Regarding … Read more

“Sonic Frontiers” announced the first of 3 free DLC for the game

SEGA has a lot of unreleased content “Sonic Frontier”the latest 3D game about the blue hedgehog, and the developer has officially announced the first of 3 free DLC planned for the title. Photo: Disclosure Read more: Through the email sent to the players, SEGA officially announced the arrival of the DLC “Sight, Sound and Speed … Read more

BBB23: Turbo week? Boninho promises to ‘screw up’ the game once again

He doesn’t stop! This Saturday (18), cute stirred the audience and revealed that game BBB23 there will be new changes. Through social networks, the director reality show say that Thaddeus Schmidt has something to reveal on Sunday (19) and has piqued everyone’s curiosity. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up with celebrities, reality shows, … Read more

“The Last of Us”: This series almost has a different ending from the game

plots of “Last of us” that’s not necessarily surprising. Based on the game of the same name, the HBO series reproduces, with some poetic liberties, stories already popular with gamers. But for television production, a different ending is almost shown. (Photo: HBO) Read more: With the endgame played out in utter gloom in the series, … Read more

“Fortnite”: Game won character skin from “Resident Evil”

Countdown to launch Resident Evil 4 Remakes is almost over and to celebrate this game even more, Capcom, the developer of the franchise, has partnered with “Fortnite” and provides skins for some of its characters in Epic Games’ popular battle royale. Photo: Epic Games Read more: In another collaboration between Capcom and “Fortnite”this time battle … Read more