From “Elite” to “Silence”: Arón Piper and Manu Ríos return to Netflix

Actors Aaron Piper e Manu Rios, who became famous in Brazil due to their appearance in the Spanish series “Elite”back to Netflix with a new show. aron stars in a six-episode miniseries “Silence”which also has Manu not thrown. (Photo: Lander Larrañaga / Netflix) “Silence” coming to Netflix this Friday (19/5). The thriller miniseries tells the … Read more

“Viva o México”, a film starring Alfonso Herrera, is ranked #1 globally on Netflix

Premiere movie “Live or Mexican” on Netflix really had an impact. Starring feature films Alfonso Herrera it didn’t work only among Brazilian users. It was the most-viewed non-English language film on the platform last week. “Viva o México” amassed 19.4 million watch hours on Netflix. The film entered the Top 10 from 23 countries, including … Read more

Plagiarism? Netflix Talks about “Black Knight” and “Death Stranding”

Netflix is ​​facing plagiarism accusations again. South Korean series “Black Knight”released worldwide last week, touted as a copy of the game “Drawn Death”which has been around since 2019. But the platform denies any connection between the two works. In a statement released by the South Korean press, Netflix has denied the allegations.. The company claims … Read more

Former RBD Alfonso Herrera is booming on Netflix

Alfonso HerreraPoncho, will not be seen on stage “I am Rebel Tour” worldwide, but making waves on Netflix. He starred in films “Live or Mexico!”which has just arrived on the platform for Brazilian users and has risen to the ranking of the most viewed daily. “Live or Mexico!” in the Top 10 most watched movies … Read more

“Ricos de Amor 2”: Alok and Jão have a new song in the Netflix film

Movie soundtracks “Rich in Love 2”, from Netflix, promise. DJs and producers Alok and singer John working on new songs especially for feature films starring Giovanna Lancelotti e Danilo Mesquita. (Photo: Disclosure) Read more: John participated in the film’s theme song. It’s the first time he’s done something like this in his career. Already Alok … Read more

“Black Mirror”: Netflix announces season 6 episode titles

More information about returns “Black glass”! Netflix has released the titles for all the episodes of season 6, which will premiere in June. Five new stories. Five opportunities for you to wreak havoc on your head. Black Mirror season six arrives in June. — netflixbrasil (@NetflixBrasil) May 11, 2023 Title is: “Horrible Joan” (A … Read more