RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR: Fans share their experiences watching Beyoncé live

The love of Brazilians is incomparable! The proof is the speech of Beyonce pay attention to the presence of fans who represent Brazil during the premiereRENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR“. Therefore, POPline chat with Pedro Silveirawho attended the event StockholmAlready Swedento know the experience of watching a presentation up close. Beyoncé performing in Stockholm with her “REAISSANCE … Read more

Spotify: See how to share music and podcasts on BeReal

HI Spotify announced that starting Thursday (19) its users can include music and podcasts while using Become real. Read more: Photo: Disclosure/Spotify Read more: User from Become real e Spotify NO Androids e iOS in select markets such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and the United States can access this experience. Read more: Check how … Read more

Cómo utilizar Samsung Quick Share Enviar archivos rápidamente

Envíe archivos fácilmente sin usar el correo electrónico ni Bluetooth, Samsung Quick Share es una aplicación para teléfonos móviles de Samsung que se puede utilizar para enviar archivos a otros usuarios de teléfonos móviles de Samsung de forma rápida y sencilla. Esta característica fue lanzada por primera vez por el sitio de tecnología XDA Desarrollador. … Read more