“The Eras Tour”: Taylor Swift puts on a historic show during heavy rain in the US

He did not disappoint! Taylor Swift did another series of concerts from “Eras Tour” over the weekend, however, while taking the stage Gillette Stadiumat Foxborough last Saturday (20), the sound of “Midnights” against the pouring rain and again didn’t stop the show even for a second. Taylor Swift|Photo: Getty Images (POPline used with permission) READ … Read more

Mc Pipokinha had another show canceled in the South after the operation of the Board of Trustees

The popcorn? Burned! Last Monday, May 15th, MC Pipokinha the show was canceled in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, after being threatened with arrest by representatives of the state and conservatives Titus Barrichello (Unity). self-titled “Queen of poop”the funk artist hired an entertainment law specialist to deal with the situation, however, this did not prevent … Read more

From “Saturn” to Brazil! Rauw Alejandro will bring his reggaeton to a unique show in SP

One of today’s reggaeton exponents, Raw Alejandro prepares his comet for an intergalactic journey from Saturn to Brazil! In this rush Friday (19)the Latin star confirmed he would carry “SATURNO WORLD TOUR” to stage atmosphereem São Pauloat noon November 2. Who already has hit lyrics like “Desperados” and “LOKERA” on the tip of their tongue? … Read more