BBB23: Sisters show solidarity with Lexa after being kicked out of MC Guimê

After expulsion mc guide It originates shoe facethe participants make another Leader Test NO BBB23conquered by Bruna Griphao. Returning to Brazil’s most heavily guarded home, attendees talk about leaving two participants and imagine how Lexa he must have sensed the situation. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up with celebrities, reality shows, and memes … Read more

Game board! Brothers and sisters clash during the 10th Leaders Examination

After dealing with expulsion mc guide It originates shoe face, the game within BBB23 needs to continue. That is why, Thaddeus Schmidt asked the brothers to go to Provodromo, where they confronted again Leader Test. This time, the participants become pawns in a board game. Check! > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up with … Read more

BBB23: Sisters talk about Anitta, Gloria Groove, Luísa Sonza and Pabllo Vittar

Nothing beats a dip in the pool to cure a hangover, right?! thinking about it, Aline Wirley, Bruna Griphao, Dania Mendez e Marvvila taking advantage of the sunny day this Thursday (16) to chase their tan. after the bustle Guime Leader PartyNO BBB23as sisters gathered to talk about the success of several Brazilian artists. Dania … Read more