Depeche Mode did not rule out coming to Brazil; South America could be one of the band’s destinations

One of the biggest bands in synthpop and electro-rocko Depeche mode get ready to start “Memento Mori World Tour”who will be promoting their new album “Mementos Mori”, scheduled for release next Friday (24). The band is now formed by Dave Gahan and Martin Goredid not rule out a visit to South America. READ MORE: According … Read more

¿Qué significa South Jakarta Body Count en Slang en TikTok?

Consulte la explicación completa sobre lo que significa el recuento de cadáveres en la jerga que actualmente es viral en TikTok. Muchos sienten curiosidad por el significado del recuento de cadáveres porque recientemente se ha utilizado ampliamente en TikTok. Los internautas sin dudarlo utilizan el término para referirse a una determinada condición. Su uso también … Read more

Josh Hutcherson for Film in South Korea

Actor Josh Hutchersonknown worldwide for the “Hunger Games” franchise, has signed on to star in the sci-fi action film “Last Ticket”. Filming will take place in Seoul, South Korea, in an unknown direction. Santiago Manas Moreno. This information comes from the Deadline website. (Photo: Getty Images / POPline official use) Read more: in the movie, … Read more