BBB23: The web reacts after Fred Nicácio’s speech about racism

This Wednesday (22), Fred Nicacio on the phone Alves lock, Gustav e Christian for a very serious conversation onreunion house” Do BBB23. Severely shaken to life by some of the former participants, the doctor decides to vent about it religious racism what the three of them did during their confinement in reality. And netizens immediately … Read more

Driven out! Watch Tadeu Schmidt’s speech about MC Guimê and Cara do Sapato

After much speculation, Thaddeus Schmidt comment on the attitude of shoe face It originates mc guide com Dania Mendez. These scenes were criticized by the accompanying public BBB23, took place during the early hours of this Thursday (16) party. Therefore, the host reported that brothers and sisters removed from the program. > Follow OMG! on … Read more