‘Eras ​​​​Tour’ effect: Four Taylor Swift albums to appear in the top 20 of the Billboard 200

A Era Tourfrom Taylor Swift, should impact the music charts in the United States. Stadium tours recalled all stages of the singer’s career, increasing the sales of his discography. Four artist albums may appear in the Top 20 of Billboard 200album’s main ranking in the country, in the next update. Photo: Getty Images (POPline use … Read more

More than 50% of Americans are fans of Taylor Swift, says Forbes

Taylor Swift it’s time! Currently, the singer continues to promote the icon and has been waiting for a long time “Eras Tour”, in the United States. More than 100,000 people packed into State Farm Stadium in Glandale, Arizona two nights in a row. However, just before the start of the show, the Forbes released the … Read more

“The Eras Tour” effect! Taylor Swift has Spotify’s biggest streaming day of 2023

Taylor Swift back on the road with her new show and the impact is such that she’s making waves on streaming platforms! With his acclaimed debut “Eras Tour” em Glendale, Arizona, USA this Friday (17)the singer saw his music catalog appear and secured it Best Streaming Day by Artist on Spotify in 2023. In the … Read more

Taylor Swift: The media especially praised the “The Eras Tour” concert.

He returns! After nearly five years without hitting the road, Taylor Swift return to the stage strong, dazzling, and triumphant with two electrifying sold out shows that took fans on a true journey through their legendary discography. A “Eras Tour” starting last friday (17th) and of course, received praise from the special mediawho praised the … Read more

Taylor Swift Debuts “Lover” in Spotify Global Top 5

Taylor Swift once again demonstrated their strength in the current music industry and debuted the song “All the Girls You’ve Loved Before”scraps from albums “Beloved”in 2019, not Top 5 on Spotify Global. Photo: Disclosure Read more: “All the Girls You’ve Loved Before” is an unreleased track, a discarded album era “Beloved”which was released along with … Read more

Taylor Swift explores her discography on the first show of “The Eras Tour”

Taylor Swift officially back on stage! Last night (17), the singer started his long awaited tour “Era Tour“. The first show took place in the state of Arizona, in the US. Together nearly three hours of presentation, the 33-year-old artist is currently touring his consolidated and successful discography, which currently includes 10 studio albums. In … Read more

Taylor Swift: See what the stage for ‘The Eras Tour’ will be like

Taylor Swift embarked on one of the largest and most ambitious tours of his career, the Era Tour, this Friday (17), in the city of Glendale, Arizona, United States. Although the singer has said that the project will continue with all phases of her music career, so far little information about new shows has been … Read more

Taylor Swift released 4 songs hours before starting “The Eras Tour”; listen!

Is today! There are a few hours left before the long-awaited start “Eras Tour” e Taylor Swift making the fans even more anxious. After publishing official photos from rehearsals for his sixth world tour, the star announced the release of four new songswho arrived this Friday (17), including re-recordings of favorite Swifties songs. Photo: Getty … Read more

Taylor Swift: Billboard picks the singer’s 100 best songs

In less than 24 hours, Taylor Swift will return to the stage for the first performance”Era Tour“ in Glendale, Arizona. This tour is one of the most anticipated of recent times and, so far, has announced 52 dates. During the tour, the American singer vowed to revisit his extensive career and move between phases country, … Read more

Taylor Swift has released official images from “The Eras Tour” rehearsals.

There is very little left for the fans Taylor Swift had a long awaited reunion with the blonde on stage. After nearly five years of not hitting the road, the singer is gearing up for some real singing a nostalgic trip to all your successful eras. Many have speculated about how “Eras Tour”, However, this … Read more