Google donates 5 thousand scholarships and announces development efforts in Bahia

HI Google announced this Wednesday (22) at the event ‘Grow with Google’in Salvador, a donate 5 thousand career certificate scholarship issued by the company for the course in UX Design (User Experience), IT Support, Data Analytics, and Project Management. Vacancies will be distributed by partner organizations from Palm Valley and will prioritize the most financially … Read more

A treat of R$ 250 thousand? At BBB23, Cara de Sapato remembers Neymar’s gift

Imagine winning a ‘souvenir’ of over R$ 250k reais? HI shoe faceDo BBB23, get the luck! This Monday (13), said the fighter brothers and sisters who won a special prize from Neymar after winning a tournament in the United States. in conversation with Fred e Bruna Griphao, he said he won an autographed guitar from … Read more

El libro ilustrado completo de los sueños en 3D de Thousand Erek Erek – El libro de sueños en 3D es una de las herramientas utilizadas por los jugadores de lotería para predecir los números que saldrán en el juego de lotería. En el libro de sueños en 3D, hay varios tipos de imágenes y significados asociados con ciertos números, que pueden usarse como referencia para elegir … Read more