BBB23: Turbo week? Boninho promises to ‘screw up’ the game once again

He doesn’t stop! This Saturday (18), cute stirred the audience and revealed that game BBB23 there will be new changes. Through social networks, the director reality show say that Thaddeus Schmidt has something to reveal on Sunday (19) and has piqued everyone’s curiosity. > Follow OMG! on Instagram to keep up with celebrities, reality shows, … Read more

“Pânico VI” broke three records in Brazil in one week

First week of movies “Panic VI” in Brazilian cinema it was a success. Information from Paramount Pictures revealed that the title broke three records in this period. Wre they: – Biggest opening for an 18 year old film in Brazil;– Brazil’s largest horror film circuit;– The biggest opening for the film “Pânico” in Brazil. (Photo: … Read more

Marília Mendonça, Papatinho, Xamã and Poze are some of the launches this week

Long as it is, more than half of March has passed, and thus we have arrived at another Friday. Do you know what that means? It’s time to check music release this week! In addition to the material released in the last few days, a lot of interesting things came to the main digital platforms … Read more

BBB23: The dynamics of the week will be decided by Dania Mendez; understand

The game continues! Everyone already knows that this week BBB23 Just started again on Thursday, when Thaddeus Schmidt announced for dynamics this week and do Leader Test. After expulsion mc guide e shoe face harassment, the presenter explains how breakwater Sunday (19). A choice Dania Mendez could be decisive for brothers and sisters. Come and … Read more